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It's the Year of Dog, nay, the Earth Dog!

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From February 16th, 2018 to February 4th, 2019, it will be the Year of the Dog, an animal known for its traits of honesty, loyalty and courage. The 11th zodiac sign in the Chinese calendar, this year is also an Earth year, one of the five elements integrated into the 12 signs of the Chinese zodiac cycle. It means that not only is it the Year of the Dog, but it's the Year of the Earth Dog. Chinese astrology expert Sharon Smith says that this year can be a tough one for people born in the year of the dog, however, such as Donald Trump. 

Dogs, in their own year, can get a little bit full of themselves and not be discriminating when it comes to business or new love affairs. They're getting a lot of attention. They just don't pay attention, necessarily, to who's giving them that attention. So Dogs might have a blind spot this year.

Trump has already been honored by the Chinese in the form of a giant dog.

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But Trump is not the only dog.  Reassuringly, Confucius, Voltaire, and Marcel Proust were also born in a Year of the Dog.

So enough about Trump and more about dogs in literature, with a few great books listed below: 

Banner image courtesy TATIANA AYAZO/RD.COM

The Man Who Loved Dogs

Dogs may not be the stars of this novel but they are never far away from the action: Cuban writer Ivan Cardenas Maturell meets a mysterious foreigner on a Havana beach who is always in the company of two Russian wolfhounds. Ivan quickly names him "the man who loved dogs". The man eventually confesses that he is actually Ramon Mercader, the man who killed Leon Trotsky in Mexico City in 1940, and that he is now living in a secret exile in Cuba after being released from jail in Mexico. Moving seamlessly between Ivan's life in Cuba, Mercader's early years in Spain and France, and Trotsky's long years of exile, The Man Who Loved Dogs is the story of revolutions fought and betrayed, the ways in which men's political convictions are continually tested and manipulated, and a powerful critique of the role of fear in consolidating political power.

Journalist, globe trotter and food lover