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Gone With the Wind

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    In this epic novel you will find yourself transported back in time to the war between the states. Seeing the whole thing through the eyes of Scarlett O'Hara will convince you that southern women are not easily defeated. Scarlett was a strong woman, and despite all her complaining she knew what to do when the going got tough. Granted she was a conniving backstabber and a horrible mother. I think when Melanie dies she begins to see her own corruptness and clearly wants to change. It's like she has an awakening of her spirit, sort of like Scrooge in A Christmas Carol. If only she had realized what Rhett meant to her before all the family tragedies... maybe some of them might have been prevented. But then where would that have taken the story? I understand why Rhett felt the way he did in the end. It does seem impossible to "give a damn" after going through what he did. Still, in spite of Scarlett's selfish and manipulating ways, I wanted her to have another chance. Maybe she will … the way Mitchell left the story, it could be continued in any number of ways. Personally I don't envision Scarlett as a quitter. Even though she has hit bottom and there seems to be no hope in her future, I believe she will survive.

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