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French Comics for Kids: Fantasy Netherworlds and Globe-Trotting Adventurers

France is heaven for comic book lovers and it's never too early to start. A ton of comic books on all subjects are published each year. This selection of comics in French for readers between 9 and 12 years old is just a sample of the enormous variety that exists for kids and touches on subjects including intrepid heroines, enchanted gardens, fantasy netherworlds, adventures in space or straightforward adventures with a little boy called Esteban who embarks on a whaler. More reading recommendations to come!

Ninn t.1 ; la ligne noire

The first in a series, this comic introduces the reader to Ninn, who was found as a baby by two workers in a Paris Metro station. As a young girl, she remains fascinated by the Metro, and wants to discover more about where she came from. While searching for a subway line that has been abandoned, she makes new friends—an old man and a paper tiger. She also discovers a parallel world that she could actually be from. 

Le jardin de minuit

In 20th century England, Tom Long is spending his summer holiday with his uncle and aunt because his brother has the measles. They live in an apartment overlooking a courtyard. One night the clock on the hallway rings thirteen times. An immense garden instead of the courtyard appears, and Tom, of course, must explore.  

Le monde de milo t.1

Milo's world is a lonely one near a house on the banks of a lake. One day he finds a beautiful golden fish and his life changes. A man with a toad's head appears, another with an eagle's head, followed by a girl who is prisoner. Milo discovers that on the other side of the lake a fantasy world exists where a battle between good and bad is raging, and he must take part in it. 

Esteban t.1 ; le baleinier

Esteban, a Native American who is 12 years old, wants to become a harpooner on the Leviathan, a whaler. When he introduces himself to the captain, who at first teases him, and then discovers that he is Suzanna's son, of the Tehuelches tribe, he is hired as a cabin boy. Esteban discovers what life on a ship is like, with moments of happiness and challenges. He soon has a chance to prove his worth.


Journalist, globe trotter and food lover