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Five Books about Books to Read

There are those books, hidden on dusty shelves. Tucked away from the world, that when found seem to fill a reader’s soul. Sometimes they are love stories, adventures, mysterious thrillers or high interesting nonfiction pieces. But mostly, those void-filling, page-turners are books about books. These books give the reader the warm and fuzzies, the books that refreshes the memory on how one felt the first time they made a connection with a book. Here are five books about books that every book lover has to read.

    The Shadow of the Wind

    This gothic novel hooks the reader almost immediately with the main character entering a mysterious library and obtaining a book of equal amounts intrigue. Through the last page, the idea that books are vital to humanity is clearly understood. This book enchants the reader to go and find their favorite used bookstore and pillage!

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    The neverending story

    As all readers at one point have felt like an outsider, this book connects with the lonely and misunderstood child in us all. The main character falls more and more in love with the world in the pages of the book he reads, a love story that every book lover needs from time to time. The enthralling story shows the ability for books to rescue a reader. 

    Fahrenheit 451

    A classic novel that all book lovers can vouch for! Connecting with Montag and how he is struggling to understand the truth of books and later when he realizes the importance of the written word is a reminder to every reader of why books are written. Not just for entertainment, this book about books shows how humans crave knowledge.

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    The Book of Lost Things Illustrated Edition

    An enthralling story of a youngster being aided through grief by the books around him will capture the heart of all readers. The reader will be drawn further with the mysterious characters and inner stories within stories. This is a reminder that reading a book can help through even the hardest of times.

    An English teacher currently living in Abu Dhabi. She works in a desert bedouin town teaching young girls and has travelled to over 20 countries in the last year alone. A large passion for both ... Show More


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