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Cooking with Little Ones

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Here’s a list of cookbooks for children for all tastes and to be used at all ages. But these also include fairy tales, non-fiction books, and books that are games. Because telling stories and getting to know food better is a great gateway to the art of cooking. 

Ma cuisine végétarienne

Are you having a hard time getting your children to eat vegetables? This cookbook offers lots of delicious ideas to get your kids tasting and cooking. Original and playful recipes are organized by color (green, red, purple, yellow or orange vegetables) and explain the vitamins and nutrients of each vegetable. Some mouth-watering examples include: quesadillas with guacamole, hummus with bell peppers, muesli with grapes,  cake with lemon icing, butternut squash soup or mango lollies. Yum! Ages 9+.

La Cuisine autour du monde

There are recipes here from more than twenty-five countries! From American cheesecake to Indian dhal, from Hungarian goulash to Turkish kebabs, English scones, Greek moussaka, or tacos, pancakes, and tajines. Your taste buds will travel here. The recipes are explained step by step, with helpful pictures. Young readers will discover along the way a wealth of local products and culinary traditions. Ages 9+.

Le Grand Livre-jeu des gourmands

When you're cooking with children, it's useful to teach them how to identify ingredients, learn about their nutritional intake, and how to make a balanced meal. This book uses a fun approach with lift-up flaps and tabs to pull. The young reader will walk through a supermarket and observe that the shelves are organized according to type of food: dairy, fish, butcher, etc. Other games include: a page with fruits and vegetables to learn and recognize, a labyrinth to discover nutrients, a wheel to turn to choose first and second courses, balanced desserts, a true or false game to play before baking a chocolate cake and a hide and go seek for traditional dishes from various countries: sushi, hamburgers or paella, to name a few. Age 4+.

Une cuisine tout en chocolat

More than just a cookbook, this book is an invitation to travel from Brazil to Côte d'Ivoire and Indonesia, via tales that evoke the origins of cocoa and its culture. The superb painted illustrations by Nathalie Novi add a dream-like atmosphere. With classical or original recipes, cooking with chocolate is explored in all its glory, whether cakes, mousses, fruits skewers, cold soup and even in shrimp salad. Age 9+.

Je cuisine chinois

Chicken noodle soup, chop suey vegetables, Cantonese rice, vegetable fried tofu, or coconut dumplings. This 20-page book is filled not only with recipes but also with games, riddles and activities that help learn about kitchenware and ingredients such as a wok, chopsticks, steaming baskets, spices and sauces (ginger, soy sauce, sesame oil), and typical dishes (Chinese cabbage, or black mushrooms). Ages 7+

Inventaire illustré des fruits et légumes

Want to change from the usual tomatoes, cucumbers and carrots? This book reveals the richness and diversity of fruits and vegetables through an inventory of over one hundred specimens the world over, old and new. Their Latin names are included where they are cultivated and, above all, how they are eaten. Special mention should go to the vintage illustrations, in pen and watercolors. Fifty stickers are included for young readers to put together an herb garden. Ages 6+.

Jean, petit marmiton t.1 ; Une surprise pour le duc

It's a busy day in the kitchens of the castle of Versailles. Queen Marie is organizing a pastry contest between young cooks. Unjustly punished, John did not have access to the kitchens until the next day. There are very few ingredients left. The scullion uses his imagination and his know-how to concoct an original recipe (lemon meringue pie), which surprise everyone and will win the contest. The story is accompanied by a recipe. This is a new series to begin right away! Ages 7+.

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