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Books I've read in 2018

I recently read that your brain rewards goal setting in the same way that it rewards actual achievement. It argued instead that in order to reach new goals, particularly in the context of New Year's resolutions, one should think of the habit that help reach that goal on the long run.

I'm a big fan of New Year's resolutions and I always make it a point to choose a few things that I know I can accomplish within the span of the year. None of the world saving stuff just small changes in my daily habits that I think would lead to better life.

The average adult human only has about 200 books left to read. If you don't believe me check out the math on one of my favorite blogs: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/12/the-tail-end.html

So this year I've decided to read every day. It doesn't matter if I read to page or an entire book as long as I read everyday. And in order to keep myself in check I'm going to publish the reading list of all the new books that I've read thanks to this newly acquired habits. 


In Carnival, IMPAC award-winning Rawi Hage explores the hidden underbelly of a city. Fly is a wanderer. From the seat of his taxi we see the world in all of its carnivalesque beauty and ugliness. We meet criminals, prostitutes, madmen, revolutionaries, ordinary people going to extraordinary places. 

Homo Deus

WAR IS OBSOLETE. You are more likely to commit suicide than be killed in conflict.  

FAMINE IS DISAPPEARING. You are at more risk of obesity than starvation. 

DEATH IS JUST A TECHNICAL PROBLEM. Equality is out, but immortality is in.



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