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Books I Pretend to Have Read to Look Smart

I’m a smart guy, or so my mom says. And sometimes I want the world to KNOW that I’m smart. Just like I pretend to like the music of Pink Floyd and Bon Iver to appear cooler, these are five books that I pretend to have read that instantly inflate my IQ and display my smartitude (that's a word for sure).

So let's get smarted! 


Let's get started.

Alchemist, The

I tell people I read this one in it's original Portuguese edition to demonstrate that I speak the language. Because speaking more than one language makes you look smarter (duh) and you know what they say: quanto mais idiomas você fala, mais cheiro de carros.

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On the Road

This choice screams: I am a fan of the Beat Generation. Which of course, is a smart thing to scream. Full disclosure: until I researched this article, I thought the Beat Generation had something to do with those overpriced headphones that everyone is wearing. Just goes to show, you learn something new every day.

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Infinite Jest

This 1104 page (!) beast is on the list to bolster my hipster smarts. I have a hollowed-out copy that I hide all of Dan Brown’s novels inside. Everyone thinks I'm reading Infinite Jest, but in reality, I'm actually following the exciting adventures of Professor Robert Langdon. So, check and mate.

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This shows that I am smart about success and stuff because of the cover, which says "The Story of Success." I casually mention this book at lunch meetings and cell phone contract renewal negotiations because it screams: I’m a business guy.

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I always keep a copy of this smart graphic novel hanging out of my satchel not only to strengthen my nerd cred but also to show my fellow public transportation users that, hey, I like comics too. I’m just like you. 

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Which books do you read to look smart? Let me know in the comments below so I can start pretending to read those too.

A (mostly) fearless explorer of the undiscovered book. Matt spends his life - at least the part of it when Game of Thrones is on break - hunting down and recommending great books that you may not ... Show More


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