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6 Helpful Books about Travelling with Kids

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I’ve heard it too many times: “I need a vacation after my vacation”. So, you have one, two, three or even four kids and you need help with making your next vacation feel like an actual vacation.

As a mother to two young boys in Canada, with family in England and all over the globe, travelling is a must if I want my kids to know their grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. It isn’t always easy but like anything, the more you do it, the more practiced you become.

Here is a list of informative and reader-friendly books that will help you plan that well-deserved vacation. (And, if not, leave the kids with someone else and go off on your own...reading list to come on that one?)

Travel with Children

Authored by parents with extensive experience of travelling with kids, this book offers a wealth of ideas and advice. Covering 80 countries, it features tips on all the practicalities, from finding the best parks to knowing which are family-friendly restaurants (and which aren’t), Travel with Children’s confidence-boosting advice will make planning and travelling feel less of an insurmountable hurdle. 

100 Places That Can Change Your Child's Life

This wonderful book is geared towards teaching your children how to immerse themselves in different cultures and seek new experiences. The message at the heart of the book seems to be that travelling is a learning process and everything the child encounters will enrich his or her development and character.

If you’re looking for a practical guide filled with “do” and “don’t” lists, then this is not for you. However, if you would like your children to be taken from their bedrooms into a world of discovery, storytelling and real-life adventure, then this is the book for you. The authors have really been able to capture the essence of the destinations through the eyes of a child.

Travels with Baby

Award-winning family travel author and blogger Shelly Rivoli helps parents plan any trip they want to take with their 0- to 4-year-old child. Whether you’re looking forward to a weekend away or an international destination, you won’t be disappointed with any lack of advice or detail. There are comparison charts for airlines and cruise lines, as well as all-inclusive resorts and hotels. By considering all the family’s needs, this book helps parents to budget and get the most out of any vacation.

We all know that one size doesn't always fit all. What may be useful for one parent may not be for another. This is why this book is so ingenious. It really helps you sift through the so- and not-so-important details. 

Family on the Loose

This fantastic book encourages parents to drum up excitement weeks prior to the trip, as well as offering all the tips and advice that you could need when embarking on a vacation or road trip with the whole family.

This guide is designed for well-seasoned travellers, but there is no reason for any amateur not to pick it up and take a few tips, such as how to teach your kids to pack for themselves, how to help the family write a travel diary, and how to keep the excitement of the vacation alive long after your return.

The overriding message in this book is to travel well as a family in order to expand horizons, and be open to discovering new cultures.

100 Tips for Traveling with Kids in Europe

If Europe is your destination — or it’s on the bucket list — but you are worried about the changes in culture, the logistics, the languages, or more, this book of useful tips will have you prepared for every step of the way. It gives you the tools to design a child-friendly itinerary, find safe and clean accommodation, and immerse yourself in the culture of any country you choose. From the hills of Wales, to the Louvre in Paris and the beaches of Italy, this book will become your ‘go-to’ guide for discovering Europe. 


British Canadian with a passion for travelling, languages, food and all things books. And most importantly, a loving wife and Mummy to two wonderful boys.

Found this article relevant?

Bechara and Marie Nakhle found this witty


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