They Thirst by Robert McCammon

They Thirst Paperback Aug 30 2015

By Robert McCammon
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A pall of terror blankets Los Angeles. Mutilated and marked by an insectoid calling card, the number of young women in the morgue is growing. It all seems to be the work of one man. They call him, the Roach. Pressed on all sides to end the killings, it’s no wonder that Police Captain Andy Palatzin is seeing things—his mother’s ghost primarily, but also vague reminders of his father’s supernatural death. As the body count rises, Andy begins to realize something much darker lurks behind the murders, something from his past, something unspeakably evil. The Roach is just a pawn in the war for humanity’s eternal soul, a war no one is ready to fight. Originally published over thirty years ago, New York Times Bestseller Robert McCammon spins a tale of the vampire that’s as relevant today as it was then. They Thirst is a sprawling and terrifying horror epic that shines a light into the deepest shadows, where the monster that lives within us all resides, and wonders if it can be overcome by will alone. Resplendent in vivid and gritty language, They Thirst takes an atmospheric journey through the cultural miasma of the City of Angels. Only there could an insatiable need for fame and fortune be as deadly as the fangs of the creatures that prowl the night. Because in the home of Hollywood, where lies and illusion are mundane, will anyone recognize evil when they see it?

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Subterranean Press
Publication date
Aug 30 2015
152.0mm x 229.0mm