Pharaoh by Jackie French

Pharaoh The Boy Who Conquered the Nile Paperback Jan 12 2012

By Jackie French
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The people call Prince Narmer the Golden One' - a boy with the brightest future ahead of him. Handsome and talented, he is destined to be King of Thinis, the greatest town in Egypt and, for Narmer, the centre of the world.Then his whole life changes overnight. A devastating accident forces him to give up his right to the throne and sends him journeying across the ancient Middle East with the mysterious Trader, the crippled Nitho and a tamed wildcat called Bast. And as he travels through the desert and visits the great cities of Punt and Sumer, he learns that Thinis is actually a very small place indeed.But can he ever truly forget his homeland? When he decides to pay one last visit to Thinis, he will discover what it really means to be a leader, and will find his destiny fulfilled beyond his wildest expectations.Set in a time before the pyramids and based on real historical events, Pharaoh will sweep readers along on a fascinating journey through a part of the world we hear so much about today.

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Jan 12 2012
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