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12 ANGRY LEBANESE is an artistic project presented by the inmates of Roumieh prison. The CD -12 Angry Lebanese- includes 12 songs written, composed and performed by an all-male group of adult inmates residing in Roumieh Prison-Lebanon, who experienced the pionner practice of Drama Therapy/Theatre for 15 months inside Roumieh Prison in 2008-2009. The songs were performed live inside Roumieh Prison during the theatrical performance of « 12 Angry Lebanese » during February and March 2009, and are as well the soundtrack of the documentary « 12 Angry Lebanese » which is based on the project. By getting this CD you are contributing to the sustainability of the drama therapy rehabilitation program in Lebanese prisons. 12 Angry Lebanese- The Play- is now available on DVD You can get both DVD and CD as a package for a reduced price on the following link:

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