Halloween Plastic Lace Crafts by David Kominz, David Hall, and Phyllis Damon

Halloween Plastic Lace Crafts Easy-To-Make Monsters, Ghosts, and Creepy Crawlies Paperback Sep 1 2013

By David Kominz, David Hall, and Phyllis Damon
$6.79 USD

Whether you call it gimp, lanyard, scoubidou, or boondoggle, vinyl craft lace is the perfect activity for home, camp, school or party. Halloween Plastic Lace Crafts presents a witch's cauldron full of plastic lacing projects for the popular fall holiday. Ten simple but fun projects are provided for making imaginative Halloween key chains, zipper pulls and decorations. Kids will learn to weave fun creatures like centipedes, cats, ghosts, spiders, ants, flies and snakes. The projects combine plastic lace with other creative materials and accessories like acrylic hair, plastic canvas, wiggle eyes, pom-poms, beads, and chenille stems. This book shows readers all of the essential stitches and skills they need to master the colorful art of plastic lacing, with easy-to-follow weaving diagrams and colorful photos of finished projects. Every braid is clearly illustrated, so instructions are a cinch to follow. As readers move from project to project they learn all the basic stitches for 4-strand, 6-strand, and even 8-strand plastic lacing.

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