Girl in Translation by Jean Kwok

Girl in Translation Paperback May 3 2011

By Jean Kwok
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"New York Times" bestseller "Girl in Translation" by Jean Kwok is a powerful story about a Chinese immigrant family in Brooklyn. Kimberley Chang and her mother move from Hong Kong to New York. A new life awaits them - making a new home in a new country. But all they can afford is a verminous, broken-windowed Brooklyn apartment. The only heating is an unreliable oven. They are deep in debt. And neither one speaks one word of English. Yet there is hope. Eleven-year-old Kim goes to school. And though cut off by an alien language and culture and forced by poverty to work nights in a sweatshop - she finds the classroom challenges liberating. In books and learning she'll be saved. But can Kim successfully turn to lost girl from Hong Kong into a happy American woman? And should she? Jean Kwok's powerful and moving tale of hardship and triumph, of heartbreak and love, speaks of all that gets lost in translation. "A sensitively handled rites-of-passage account...has the unmistakable ring of authenticity". ("Metro"). "A truly amazing story that'll leave you full of admiration and affection for the characters". ("Easy Living"). "A classic and moving immigration story". ("Red"). Jean Kwok emigrated from Hong Kong to Brooklyn as a child; her first novel "Girl in Translation" is based loosely on her own experience as a Chinese immigrant in America. With "Girl in Translation" Jean Kwok has won the American Library Association Alex Award, an Orange New Writers title and international critical acclaim.

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