A Private Affair by Beppe Fenoglio

A Private Affair Paperback Dec 13 2006

By Beppe Fenoglio
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After the fateful day of 8th September 1943 - when Italy surrendered to the Allies and was occupied by the Wehrmacht - university student Milton joins the anti-German partisan militia in the mountainous areas of Piedmont. It is a hard life of watches, patrols, ambushes and near-escapes, but Milton seems to live in something of a daze, heedless of the danger of being captured by the Fascist bands, and immersed in his own world of thoughts and memories. Resistance fighting and 'private affair', history and life are fused together through a masterful use of the flash-back technique, while Milton's romantic, obsessive and desperate quest for love and truth carries a wealth of universal connotations that still reverberate to this day.

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