Olivia Snaije

Olivia Snaije

Olivia is a journalist and editor and manages the editorial content for Bookwitty. She is based in Paris.

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A Narco History by Carmen Boullosa and Professor Mike Wallace Narcoland by Anabel Hernandez and Roberto Saviano The Power of the Dog by Don Winslow The Cartel by Don Winslow Dreamland by Sam Quinones The Colombian Mule by Massimo Carlotto

Narco Narratives Beyond Netflix

12 Books

The drug cartels in Latin America have given rise to a great number of books on the phenomenon, non-fiction and fiction alike. Recent TV series such as Netlix's Narcos, on the Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar, and more recently El Chapo, on the Mexican kingpin Joaquin Guzmán, have been immensely popular and have fuelled the public's imagination. Here is a reading list of both fiction and non-fiction about narco trafficking that brings home the pain and bloodshed that has become part of life, for far too many.

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Interview: The Nix Author Nathan Hill on Writing, Students and the US

Nathan Hill's debut novel, The Nix, is set in 2011, and focuses on Samuel Andresen-Anderson, a university professor whose mother, Faye, abandoned the family when he was a boy. It is also an intimate examination of the socio-political climate in the US during the 20th and early 21st century. Hill talked to Bookwitty about the nearly ten years he took to write his book.

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