About Cookies

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored when you visit a website. They are stored in your memory or hard drive of your computer, tablet, or phone.

Why do we use Cookies?

By using cookies you are assigned a unique identifier that we can use to give you the best possible experience when you're browsing the website. This allows us to distinguish you from somebody else, and remember things like what settings you've selected and whether you're logged in.

We store cookies in order to:

  • facilitate your signing-in to the Website;
  • keep track of preferences you specify while you are using the Website;
  • provide general internal and user analytics;
  • conduct research to improve the content of the Website;
  • facilitate payment processing ;
  • store Products in your shopping cart if you do not checkout right away;
  • facilitate additional payments for books and eBooks after your initial purchase;
  • assist in identifying possible fraudulent activities.

Cookies are saved as soon as you visit Bookwitty. When you are an anonymous user, before you create a user account, no personal information is stored. When you create a user account, you receive an ID that lets us track your behaviour on the website. This is used only for us to improve the user experience of the platform over time.

For more information about this, refer to the Privacy Policy.