Where does Bookwitty Source its Books From?


We recently got contacted by several self-published authors, who were surprised to see their books being sold on Bookwitty.com. Of course, we got back to them in private, but it got us thinking that it might be beneficial to write a public post about where Bookwitty sources its books from?; because at the end of the day, what may seem obvious to us, may not be evident to everyone.


As the number of partners that join the Bookwitty Partner Network grows, and we engage more with the authors, booksellers, publishers, media companies, and bloggers that are a part of it, it’s incredibly important for us to keep building relationships that are based on trust and transparency.

In order to answer that question, we first need to take a step back and look at the publishing industry as a whole. Although this varies slightly from one market to the other, the players of the print book value chain are Authors & Agents, Publishers, Printers, Distributors, and Retailers. All the while keeping in mind that publishers are solely responsible for their author’s rights.

Book retailers come in various shapes and sizes, from your local bookstore, to mega bookstore chains, to large e-commerce marketplaces such as Amazon. The increased popularity of e-commerce brought major changes to the book industry, leading to a shake up in the channels through which books are sold. More and more pure players (i.e. booksellers who sell books online) have come to existence, and Bookwitty is one of them.

Bookwitty gets its books from the following sources:


We deal directly with many publishers, buying books straight from them. Our book buyers receive seasonal lists for upcoming publications, as well as publisher’s backlists, and they decide which books we want to stock and how to promote them to our customers.

Distributors (aka wholesalers):

Bookwitty also sources books from distributors. Distributors are often sole agents for publishers in some markets. They handle sales and delivery on behalf of the publishers that they work with, and they secure our right to sell those books internationally, or in specific territories, depending on the deal they have with the publishers. The latter can be traditional publishers, but also self-publishing platforms. Some of the more prominent examples of distributors include Ingram and Baker & Taylor.

Specialized Booksellers:

Being strong supporters of the independent publishing industry, we also work with other specialized booksellers, who are quite knowledgeable about their own niche and can help us find specialized books.

We try to find the best partners, in every market, for every language, and are always looking to expand our network. Being publishers ourselves, we are quite militant about making sure that every book is sourced in a way that guarantees everyone’s rights.

As an international bookseller, delivering books to more than 150 countries, we sell books in more than 10 languages, and our ambition is to have one of the most complete catalogues available. Our hope is to help more people discover unique and diverse books from all over the world.

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Michel Choueiri

Michel is the Director of Publisher and Bookseller Partnerships at Bookwitty. He is Michel is in charge of building the catalogue of French, Arabic, Spanish and Catalan books. Michel’s expertise lies in the book industry, and he was awarded the title: Chevalier in the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Government.