What Is the Bookwitty Affiliate Program and How Can It Help Me Monetize My Blog or Website?


At Bookwitty, we believe in empowering media and cultural industry professionals. These professionals include online content creators striving to improve and monetize their content. If we’ve learned anything by running our own book discovery platform, it’s that context is everything. Readers can discover new books in many different ways online, but we have figured out the best way how: through topics they are interested in.

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At Bookwitty.com, we delve into all sorts of topics from children’s literature to science fiction and modern politics, each of which is linked to a set of related books. When readers engage with those topics, it means they care about them and want to learn more. “Learning more” can mean launching a discussion, engaging with more content, or buying a book that delves deeper into a topic. As a result, our content has allowed us to create the right context to generate book sales and ultimately grow our business.

The Bookwitty Affiliate Program is one of the many ways in which we empower content creators. This program gives you the opportunity to monetize your blog or website by recommending and selling books

Here are just some of the advantages you will benefit from if you join our network today:

1. Recommend any book from our 26 million international publications to your readers
Books are compatible with any content, theme or topic. With over 26 million titles in our catalogue, we have something for every type of content creator. For instance, if you enjoy writing about cars, you can recommend books about the history of automobiles, American muscle cars, and the biographies of famous racers, to name a few... On the other hand, if you are a makeup blogger, you can recommend books about the art of makeup, spa guides, or even Kim Kardashian’s Selfie book...
The internet has given you the opportunity to connect with readers from all around the globe. With this in mind, our affiliate program offers international free shipping and delivery to any of your readers, no matter where they live.

2. Receive a 10% commission on every sale generated through your content
The Bookwitty Affiliate Program has one of the highest affiliate commissions available online. As a partner, you will benefit from a 10% commission on the whole cart value of every customer you lead to Bookwitty over a period of 15 days. So, as long as a reader clicks on your affiliate link and completes any purchase from Bookwitty.com, you get a 10% cut from the total amount paid at checkout. This still applies whether they end up purchasing the book you recommended or any number of publications from the platform.

3. Recommend books - and content - your way
Affiliate links are a secure way of directing your readers to a page you’d like them to discover, without hindering their experience. Our program allows you to use these trackable links in any way you like. For instance, you can include them in a social media post’s caption or embed them in a clickable image or text.

At certain times, linking articles to specific books or products might not seem like the right fit. This is why our affiliate links also give you the possibility to link your readers to content pages on Bookwitty.com. You’ll have the choice between topic pages, reading lists, or other articles that you feel compliment your original post.

So let’s say you’re a blogger writing about the hardships of a child’s first day of school, you can link to this reading list on 10 great books that help kids deal with school-related anxieties. As long as your reader clicks on your affiliate link, you will get a commission on any purchase they make.

4. Reap the benefits of a 15-day cookie period
Once your reader clicks on your affiliate link, you receive a commission off of every purchase they make on Bookwitty.com over the next 2 weeks.This extended time span gives every customer you lead to our website plenty of time to browse our catalogue, decide on which books to buy, and finally check out.

The Bookwitty Affiliate Program was designed for content creators to develop a sustainable revenue stream on their blog or website, all the while providing their audience with added value through books. As we have just mentioned, once you sign up you’ll be able to:

  • Pair your post with any book or article that compliments it.
  • Receive a 10% commission on the totality of your reader’s checkout cart.
  • Recommend books - and content - on your terms.
  • Benefit from a 15-day cookie period, giving your readers enough time to settle on a purchase.

If you’re looking for more insights on how to choose the right affiliate program, check out our article on the 4 Questions to Ask Yourself When Choosing the Best Affiliate Programs for Your Platform.

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Damien Desmidt

Damien is a Business Developer and Partnership Manager at Bookwitty. He helps recruit new partners and provides them with continuous support after they have joined our network. Damien also shares his marketing know-how and key undertakings of the book industry with our partners in order to help them reach their goals with ease.