Can I Make Money from My Blog? Yes, but don’t quit your job before you read this!


Can you make money blogging? Yes. Top blogs, like The Huffington Post, Mashable and TechCrunch roll in more than two million dollars every month. Is it easy? Not quite, and if you’re just starting out, it is unrealistic to expect to generate that kind of six digit income. However, you could still earn thousands of dollars in profit if you dedicate yourself to the job, and if you have a knowledge of the best blog revenue strategies, which you can read about here.


Many skeptics still can’t take blogging seriously. It’s a fair assessment, if they have in mind the 90s definition of ‘blogging’: the practice of keeping an online diary. Surely The Huffington Post, a massive media outlet, cannot be compared to an online journal. Making an income from blogging then sounds like a pipe dream. Create content you’re passionate about, work from home, make a name for yourself and make money? Is that even possible?

With user traffic on blogs increasing from 22.83 million users in 2008, to 47.5 million users in spring of 2017, in the US alone: yes, it is. Where you have stimulating content you’ll find user traffic, and wherever there is user traffic, there are ads, investors, affiliations, and - sooner or later - cash.

So let’s look at the blogging landscape and debunk 3 myths

Every blogger aspires to become the next Huffington Post. In April 2017, the blog hit an audience of roughly 59 million unique mobile visits alone. In fact, only 5 years after its conception in 2005, it passed the New York Times in traffic. The Huffington post and other giants such as Gizmodo and Lifehacker are an inspiration for bloggers. But along with these success stories come three misconceptions about monetizing your blog:

1. Do you need to be The Huffington Post to live off of your blog?

Smalls blogs are making money too. A blog does not need a massive size and reach in order to have a positive return. In truth, many blogs across the web are self-sustainable, whether big or small. Every blog does however need good content which will keep your blog visitors coming back. Having a niche and a loyal audience is a good milestone to aim for, because it’s only after you’ve found your voice and your audience that it becomes wise to think about the different revenue streams to monetize your blog.

Which brings us to second important question:

2. Will you become rich overnight?

Good money doesn’t come easy. You can expect to work on your blog for at least two years before any kind of significant return comes out. If that sounds daunting to you, consider this: Advertisers, investors and syndications will only throw money your way if they perceive you as a thought-leader. Blogs today hold an immense power. Due to the intimate nature of blogging language, and the trust between bloggers and their followers, they become trend-setters. They dictate fashion, review books, movies and music, and even affect opinions. You can understand why advertisers and investors are interested in being part of this relationship. But the most important word to remember here is trust. For your blog to be successful, your audience needs to trust you, and this kind of credibility takes years of commitment to cultivate.

Which leads us to our third question:

3. Are there ways to make money without compromising your blog’s integrity?

Getting paid by a brand or organization for advertisements does not compromise your relationship with your audience, as long as you remain transparent and faithful to that audience. Make partnerships that fall in line with your identity and audience. For example, a health and fitness blog that advertises McDonald’s will likely raise eyebrows. However, for the same website to promote a healthy-eating cookbook, makes sense! It is making money, while also having its audience best interest at heart. Such are the win-win monetizing solutions that you will learn to spot and invest in once you understand your audience. It helps that the brands to affiliate yourself with are nearly endless. In fact today, brands are more than ever looking at blogs to invest in, and that’s just one of many monetization options you have.

So what are you waiting for?

When Pete Cashmore started blogging, he was a 19 year old with a computer and a couple of free hours in the mornings and evenings. Today, his blog, Mashable, has millions of visitors checking in every month. If you’ve decided it’s worth it, you can start immediately.

Don’t be afraid to take on subjects you’re passionate about: food, fashion, books, culture, politics, or technology. Every niche has its audience, and your success relies on your ability to tap into that. Find your voice. With that many blog posts getting published every day, you need to stand out to succeed, because the days of click bait articles and sub par content are on decline as audiences scourge the web for thought provoking material. For bloggers, this means the rewards lie beyond mere finances. Popular blogs are becoming as influential as world-class newspapers and mass media.

So why not you? You know what to expect. You should simply find the time to create content and publish it. Set-up a wordpress account, type away, and commit. It’s easy: you just have to take it one blog post at a time.

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Jonathan Dagher

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