Osvalds Zebris

Osvalds Zebris

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Osvalds Zebris (1975) is a Latvian writer and journalist. Zebris has worked in public relations and communications and as an editor for various newspapers and magazines. He is also the author of three novels. Osvalds Zebris' first book – a collection of short stories, Freedom in Nets, brought him instant popularity among readers and won him the Latvian Literature Award for best début (2010). In the Shadow of Rooster Hill was written and published for an historical novel series and focuses on the Latvian experience during 1905 in the Russian Empire. The novel People of the Wooden House (2013) tells a mystery of a strange wooden house in one of the oldest neighbourhoods of Riga; the wooden house is a breathing character in the story, affecting people living in it and initiating various mysteries. Osvalds Zebris is a member of the Latvian Writers' Union.

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