Mohammad Sabaaneh

Mohammad Sabaaneh

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Mohammad Sabaaneh is a Palestinian cartoonist whose first book, White And Black: Political Cartoons from Palestine launches May 2, 2017. A former political prisoner, his powerful images portray the pain of Palestinians amid walls, imprisonment, and the theft of their homeland. Sabaaneh has been working as a cartoonist since 2002 and has been published in many Arabic-language newspapers, including al-Hayat al-Jadida, (Palestine), al-Ittihad (United Arab

Emirates), al-Quds al-Arabi (London), al-Ghad (Jordan),

and al-Akhbar (Lebanon).

He has worked with deaf students to help them use more than one dialogue language to express their feelings; with children who

witnessed Israeli assaults to help them psychologically; and

in workshops with children to develop their critical thinking.

Sabaaneh has been the Middle East representative

for Cartoonist Rights Network International since 2015,

and in 2016, he became the Palestinian ambassador for

United Sketches, an international association for freedom

of expression and cartoonists in exile.