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Jose Eduardo Agualusa

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José Eduardo Agualusa (Alves da Cunha) (born December 13, 1960, in Huambo, Angola—then called Nova Lisboa, Overseas Province of Angola) is an Angolan journalist and writer. He studied agronomy and silviculture in Lisbon, Portugal. He currently spends most of his time in Portugal, Angola and Brazil, working as a writer and journalist. His books have been translated into twenty-five languages. He writes monthly for the Portuguese magazine LER and weekly for the Brazilian newspaper O Globo and the Angolan portal Rede Angola. He hosts the radio program A Hora das Cigarras, about African music and poetry, on the channel RDP África. In 2006, he launched, with Conceição Lopes and Fatima Otero, the Brazilian publisher Língua Geral, dedicated exclusively to Portuguese-language authors. In June 2017 Agualusa won the International Dublin Literary Award for his novel A General Theory of Oblivion.