Bookwitty is a book discovery platform.

We empower people who are curious by helping them find the right book from the world's largest catalogue.

That's 26 million books from around the world, at fair prices with free worldwide shipping, to choose from.
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Find and buy books

Only 2% of books ever make it onto best-seller lists. We have built a platform to help you find the right book, at the right time, among the vast catalogue of books that go undiscovered.

Personalized Recommendations

Get personalized recommendations delivered to your feed based on your interactions with content, books, authors, and the community, rather than based on sales considerations.

Create Content and Reading Lists

Help the community discover new ideas and books by posting your own reading lists, articles, images and videos related to books, or any other topic worth discovering.

Connect With Other Book Lovers

The best way to share your favourite reads is to connect with other like-minded people. Create a profile and follow other book lovers. Make reading lists to share with each other.

About our company

Bookwitty is a global, multicultural, and fast-growing company with offices in 11 cities on 4 different continents.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower curiosity by guiding our users' discovery through relevant recommendations which improve their navigation experience and deliver a personalized experience, based on their context, rather than sales considerations.

Who is Bookwitty for?

We cater to an intellectually curious audience, who are looking to cut through the abundance of content online to find something that is meaningful to them. It could be an article on Bookwitty or one of our partners' websites or it could be one of the 26 million books in our catalogue.

Why do we do what we do?

Today, 98% of books published go completely undiscovered, with major marketplaces focusing only on the 2% that turn into best-sellers. We believe that there is a vast wealth of knowledge, ideas and entertainment in the books that go undiscovered, and it is our goal to help people find the right book for them in that vast catalogue.

A few numbers

Stork sack
10 million Books Sold
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Shipped to 149 Countries
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26 Million Books in Catalogue
Books in 6 Languages